Nguni Cattle Breed

Nguni Cattle Breed

The Nguni cattle breed is special to southern Africa. A hybrid of different Indian and later European cattle breeds, they were introduced by Bantu-speaking tribes to southern Africa during their migration from the north of the continent. The cattle breed is medium-sized and adapted to grazing on the highveld.
All the Nguni Cattle graze in the veld, without major supplements. In winter the cattle are supplied with a salt lick and calcium. They hardly ever become sick, meaning that in the last 26 years, they have never been dipped, dosed or vaccinated for anything else but Brucellosis!


  Nguni Cattle Breed


What is so special about Nguni cattle breed?
The Nguni  is known for its good temperament. Nguni cattle are heat and light tolerant and can handle extreme heat and cold alike. They are adaptable and hardy and possess excellent resistance to internal and external parasites with natural immunity to tick borne diseases.
The Nguni is a cattle breed indigenous to Southern Africa. A hybrid of different Indian and later European cattle breeds, they were introduced by pastoralist tribes ancestral to modern Nguni people to Southern Africa during their migration from the North of the continent
What are the benefits of Nguni breed?
They are docile but alert with very good mothering ability. Their gentle temperament ensures ease of handling. Ngunis are highly fertile with a long productive life. They are more resistant to ticks (and the diseases carried by ticks) than other breeds.
What do Nguni cattle eat?
  breed can fend for itself and lives off the veld, eating natural mixed grasses, bush and fynbos. In addition, production costs are kept low because Nguni are naturally resistant to disease and more resistant to parasites than some other breeds.
How long is a Nguni cow pregnant?
The average pregnancy period of the Nguni cow for example is 285 days but could on an individual basis be 275 to 295 days. If pregnancy periods in a herd are reduced by 5 days (285 to 280 days) 


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