Milch Goat

Milch Goat

The first mention of South Africa’s goat dates back to nine years after the Dutch established a settlement at the Cape in 1652. An expedition was sent out on 30 January 1661 to explore the inland.It was reported that they rested in the vicinity of the Olifants River where the Namaqua prince presented them with a goat obtained from a bantu tribe called Briqua, i.e., “goat people”/ According to other explorers the goat in South Africa corresponded with the Nubian or Egyptian goat. Wallace reported in 1896 “that a small herd of milch goats and a huge number of goats are kept at Groot Constantia for manure for fertilizing the vineyards”.During 1898 the Cape Agricultural Department imported three Saanen males and twelve females, probably from Switzerland. The South African Milch Goat Association was founded in 1926 and affiliated to both the then SA Stud Book Association and British Goat Society.



Milch Goat


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