ENplus-A1 Wood Pellets

ENplus-A1 Wood Pellets


ENplus-A1 Wood Pellets

Europe Wood Pellets DIN PLUS / ENplus-A1 Wood Pellets

Product name
wood pellets
Brand N/A
Color Wood color
FSC、SGS and ENplus A1、ENplus A2、ENplus B
Our own factory
OEM and ODM one-stop service


Diameter 6-12 mm
Density >1.12g/cm3
length <40mm
Moisture content <7.32%
Ash content <3.38%
Sulfur content <0.05%
Calorie >4953 Kcal/kg
Packing 25kg/bag
Thermal efficiency >=85%
Burning rate >=95%

Diameter 8-12mm
Length 10-30mm
Ash ≤2%
Calorific Value 4300-4500kcal
Moisture content ≤8%
Sulphurcontent ≤1.5%
Volatilization  Above 40%
 Density  1.1-1.3T/m³
 Burning rate ≥95%
 heat efficiency  ≥85%

        What is ENplus A1 wood pellets?
     EnPlus A1 is a quality assurance scheme that applies to both pellet manufacturers and distributors,
it provides an internationally recognized framework that puts quality at the heart of the production and distribution process.
What is the difference between A1 and A2 pellets?
Class A1 is the premium quality used in private household boilers or stoves and  A1 pellets produce the least amount of ash and fulfill the highest requirements. Class A2 is used in larger installations and produces more ash. But Industrial pellets are not called “ENplus”, but can be certified as “EN B”.


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