Corn Feed

Corn Feed


Corn Feed

What is in corn feed?
     with other feed grains and corn is lower in protein and slightly higher in energy (Table 1). Corn contains approximately 72% starch on a dry-matter basis. Also other important fractions in the corn kernel include protein, fiber and minerals.
    How is it made?
After refiners steep and grind the kernels, the germ is separated and the valuable corn oil is extracted. The ground germ, known as meal, remains. It becomes an important source of protein and energy in animal feed, and is sometimes used as a carrier for liquid nutrients.

 Is corn good for animal feed?
Summary. Corn is a useful feed ingredient. It is high in energy but relatively low in protein as compared with other feed grains. For optimum dietary utilization, corn should be processed by rolling and cracking or coarsely grinding prior to feeding.
              What can I mix with corn for cattle feed? Starting cattle on feed
      Cattle unaccustomed to grain should have 40 to 60 percent roughage in the ration at the beginning. Roughages that are satisfactory for mixing with whole-shelled corn in self- feeders to start cattle include cottonseed hulls, corn cobs, ground hay, rice hulls, and pelleted roughages. How much Corn can a cow eat per day?


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