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   Which coffee beans make best coffee?
     While arabica has become synonymous with high-quality, delicious coffee, Robusta can make some excellent espresso coffee as well. If you have high-quality Robusta beans, these can make strong, sharp espressos with a fantastic crema. However, keep in mind that Robusta will be far more bitter and contain more caffeine.
How many coffee beans equal a cup of coffee?
75 beans will make a medium-strong cup of coffee
You are also going to have to figure out how much coffee will brew a cup to your liking and desired strength. So if you have a standard 6 oz cup, start with a number between Beethoven and Bruno and adjust from there.
Is eating coffee beans the same as drinking coffee?
All in all, eating coffee beans provides a small treat. You may get some of the caffeine, but most is released during the brewing process, so you will probably not even get much of that through digestion of the beans. So, go for it, you just may find you like them.
Does eating coffee powder work?
Coffee powder is typically intended to be brewed with water or milk to extract its flavors and caffeine content, and consuming it in its raw, unbrewed form can cause digestive problems and irritation to the mouth, throat, and stomach
What  do baristas use?
That being said, most coffee shops tend to use medium-dark to dark roasts as their house espresso for a reason. Barista and food scientist Jennifer Pallian says that dark roasts are ideal
Which coffee bean has the most flavor?
Dark roasts are often bold and rich, full of body and texture. Dark roasted beans are oilier, which sometimes leads to a bittersweet or toasty taste, as well as decadent chocolaty flavor.

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