Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal


   Coconut Shell Charcoal

  Coconut Shell Charcoal  Product Information:

Our activated carbon is made of high quality anthracite under strictly controlled conditions. Different activated carbon adopt different technology and can meet customers in different requirements. Activated carbon to be used for dichlorination and defiling of industrial water such as food, chemical industry, electric power and electric plate, etc  and further purifying treatment of potable water and sewage water.

What is the difference between charcoal and coconut charcoal?

Wood charcoal briquettes are known for their high heating value, but they have a higher ash content compared to coconut shell charcoal briquettes. They are also less eco-friendly as they are made from a non-renewable source of biomass.

What are the two uses of coconut charcoal?

It is used both as a deodorizer and decolorizer , The odorless and non-toxic characteristic qualities of  this make it a widely used deodorizer and decolorizer in the air conditioning industry, cosmetic industry and water purification plants

        Technical Data:
specification value
                             iodine(MG/G): 800–1300
CTC(%) 30–120
benzene absorption(%) 30–75
bet surface area(M2/G): 400—1500
ash(%): 1–40
hardness(%): 85—98
bulk density(KG/L): 0.35—0.65
moisture(%) 0.5—8
 floating(%): 0—5
diameter(MM): 3
How do you use ?
How to Use. Internally: Mix one teaspoon of activated charcoal with eight ounces of water. For best results*, drink immediately to alleviate gas and bloating, or once per week in between meals as a general detoxifier.
Production Process
Coconut charcoal is made from the shells of coconut nuts. The shells are first carbonized in the absence of air, which produces high-quality charcoal that is free of additives. Regular charcoal is typically made from a blend of wood scraps, sawdust, and additives.


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