Chicken wing

Chicken wing



Chicken wing


Is a  chickens wings 1 or 2 pieces?
    The two parts of a it are the drumette and the wingette, also known as the flat. For cooking/restaurant purposes, they are called the flat and the drumette.
What exactly is a chicken wing?
The chicken wing and the arm both have skin on the outside with fat and muscle underneath. There are a different number of muscles and tendons in the wing compared to the arm because there are different bones to move. Both of the limbs have cartilage and ligaments at the ends of the bones.
What are the 3 parts wings?
   If you stretch  it out you’ll notice that there are three sections. At one end is the wing tip which you will discard or save to make chicken stock. The middle part is called the wingette and the meatiest part is the drumette.
What is the secret to best  it ?
We can probably all agree that the best wings are moist and flavorful inside, and crisp on the outside. To achieve that one-two combo, Harris recommends a low temperature cook in your oven or grill at 225-250 degrees until the internal temperatures reach around 150 degrees.


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