Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks


Chicken Drumsticks


What is a chicken drumsticks?
        Chicken drumsticks is produced by cutting a whole leg through the joint between the tibia and the femur. The thigh is removed. The drumstick consists of the drumstick and patella. WHOLE WING. A whole wing is produced by cutting the wing from a whole bird without giblets at the joint between the humerus and the backbone.
What is the difference between chicken drumsticks and legs?
Answer: A chicken leg has two parts to it, the drumstick and the thigh. The drumstick is the calf part of the leg, while the thigh is the top part of the leg.
   Which part of chicken is drumstick?

Which part of a chicken is commonly called the “drumstick”? The lower leg, below the knee, above the claw: the tibia with flesh and skin attached

Boneless, skinless chicken breast
What it is: Boneless, skinless chicken breast is one of the most popular and the most expensive cuts of chicken. It’s an ultra-lean cut with little fat and a very mild flavor.
Is chicken thigh same as drumstick?
Each leg quarter, or simply the leg, includes two parts: the drumstick and the thigh. 


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