Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle

There is one beef breed in Southern Africa that has changed the composition of commercial herds due to its versatile performance. Cosmetically or genetically the Brahman breed in the commercialisation of the livestock industry, is an option that should be reckoned with.


  Brahman Cattle 


Brahman Cattle we have brown , white and red cattle

    Three ways for profit or three ways for adding value to your genetic product by means of:
(a) The Breeding of Registered Brahmans,
(b) Breeding of F1-Brahman females,
(c) or the breeding of a Composite breed

  • (a) Percentage conceived: 70.1 – 100.00%
    (b) Calving difficulty: 0.0 – 10.0%
    (c) Weaning mass and wean/cow mass ration: 50.6%
    (d) FCR (Feed Conversion rate): +6.7%
    (e) ADG (Average daily gain): +16.8%
  • A more sought after Fl- female (Mama-cow) animal as common denominator for the breeding of those sought after crossbred calves for the feedlot?
  • Hardiness and adaptability due to low maintenance requirements, heat tolerance, disease resistance and bloat resistance?
  • The annual publishing of a Breed and Judges Policy since 1989?
  • An Elite Register Programme (ERP) where a bull’s progeny in the show (phenotype) is linked with his estimated breeding values – EBV’s (genotype)?
  • A genetic bull analysis (BLUP) since 1986 with trait leaders for birth, weaning, 12-month and 18-month mass?
  • An opportunity to identify bulls according to minimum and maximum EBV’s?
  • An opportunity to obtain over a longer period of weight (R-c) premium on carcasses which are currently being graded as A and AB, merely as a result of the late cutting of teeth at an age of 32 months?
  • Early marketability. Empirical research has proved that Brahman and Brahman crossbreeds are market ready at 30 months. Their age for market availability was 6.9 months earlier that that of comparable breeds, while their growth rate was 21% faster.
  • An uninterrupted bi-monthly prestige publication since 1981 – The Brahman Journal?
  • It’s own consumer friendly computerised registration system since March 1992 which provides optimal accessibility to its animal data records?
  • An autonomous Performance Testing Register since 1 June 1999 which includes the calculation of estimated breeding values.
  • Accessibility to ± 570 members and ± 60,000 enrolled head of cattle?
  • The opportunity of joining the Society by means of comprehensive membership or where a related person can join as a sub-member?


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