About Us

The world is a Global City Today

With a gloabl world today we have offices in different regions to ease Trade with our customers

The partner European Branches Founded in 2018, we have established a strong base in domestic business and with massive experience, started exporting  globally in 2020. Promoted and managed with a strong agricultural background and has immense experience in management and logistics.

Sanddrift Agro & Poultry Supply , through the years the company has consistently delivered industry leading service in manufacturing and exporting of agro products to domestic and international customers. We are knowledge base in agriculture business, sourcing network efficiency and logistics services enable doing business with us a pleasure.


Taking in to account our Global office, We have been distributing products in South Arica and other European countries since 2008 from our partner companies.

As Distributor, processor and exporter of agro products, the company moves into the future. We are continually improving our capabilities in terms of our sourcing strength in the markets and processing strength at our facility. Our company stands firm in the commitment to provide quality and prompt service to the customer and seriously work towards the customer delight.

We are a producing and exporting company which is engaged in marketing and exporting a wide range of agro products to different countries in the world.